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Custom Commandlets you create custom commands and response with 600+ functions, autorole, create Ticket, embeds, custom welcome and much more. replace Yagpdb, Mee6, Carl...
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Why Custom Command?

Using a pseudo language, you can get a highly customizable experience, which no other bots can provide

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Create commands for various scenarios, such as users sending messages, users joining server, and even using Discord's new buttons and slash commands.
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We have many functions, including '$giveRoles', '$deleteCommand', '$sendMessage'. There are over 300 functions like these, therefore you can utilise most of Discord's functionality in your commands.
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Our Bot is completely free to use, with no limitations on features. We also have a premium plan that allows you to personalize your bot.
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Our Support team is always available to assist you. They have already assisted over 1000+ individuals.
Customizable Commands made with Ease

No hosting costs, no required discord api knowledge, no hassle, just a few clicks to get started.

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Custom Command Code

Rolling Dice 🎲
$editIn[3s;You have rolled $random[1;6]]
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Custom Command

Today at 8:00 PM

You have rolled 1 (edited)


Message Command

Create message commands that will execute when a user sends a specific message or setup wildcards to trigger commands.

Reaction Command

Create reaction commands that will be executed when a user reacts to a message.

Member Join/Leave Command

Create commands that are executed when a user either joins or leaves the server. It is often used to either assign or restore roles upon user joins, or for welcoming new members.

Button/Selectmenu Command

Create commands that will execute when a user clicks a button, or selects an option in a menu. This opens endless possibilities, such as role menus or even games.

Interval / Timed Commands

Create commands that will be executed at specific time. This is useful for creating reminders, automated events or even timed roles.

Slash Command

Use slash commands, and replace the standard prefixed commands such as "!help". This upgrades your commands to a much more powerful interface.

Dynamic Image Builder

Enhance users experiences with building dynamic images through easy to use codes completely automatically.


What our Users Says

We have received a lot of favorable comments from our users while serving as the #1 Custom Command Bot on Discord.

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Amazing concept, incredible support, unimaginable number of combinations and possibilities, it's not your bot, but yes, it's your own custom bot. It's hard to learn at the beginning, but when you master it, the bot becomes a toy and everything imaginable is possible. 11/10 would recommend it

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Awesome bot. It allows so much customization and just in general useful things for communities. Also the server is super helpful if you need help!

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Milly (milly.cheems)

A cool bot to test out in server! Used to encounter a lot of issues with predetermined commands from other bots that left little to no chance for improvement. CC option of creating your own actions open greatest possibilities to shape servers as you imagine! Docs are easy to follow and there is always examples to guide yourself in the right direction.

Thanks the team for being so helpful and patient with queries ❤️

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